Workshop: Intro to Swatching


Swatching is the first step in many, many projects. We can learn a lot from our swatches so that our finished products have the fabric we like and, importantly, fit the way we intend! Come learn some tips and tricks about swatching, you'll be glad you did!  

Run time

1 session x 2 hours.

Skills Taught 

  • How to knit a swatch
  • How to count stitches and rows to check gauge

Skills Required

  • Cast on and bind off
  • Knit and purl

Materials Provided

  • Resources page
  • Swatching and Blocking Guide

Supplies to Purchase

  • Approx. 25 g of yarn: worsted-weight or heavier
  • Needles suitable in size to the yarn you’ve chosen
  • Ruler

Lesson Plan

  • What is gauge and its purpose?
  • Swatching flat vs in the round
  • Difference between stockinette or texture stitch
  • Importance of blocking
  • How to measure your swatch
  • Adjusting needle size if your gauge is off

Current Sessions:

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