Lace Blocking Wires

Open up your knitted lace work with this blocking wire set. By slipping the wires through the edges of your project and securing the overall shape of your accessory or garment into place using the T-pins (included), your project will dry to shape. Particularly useful for lace accessories or garments. 

All wires are made of stainless steel and are rust resistant.

Each tube consists of:

  • 6 wires 95 cm / 37" in length
  • 6 wires 50 cm / 19.5" in length
  • 3 flexible wires 95 cm / 37" in length
  • 1 measuring tape
  • 20 T-pins

Please note that due to the unique size and shape of these blocking wires they are not eligible for free shipping, and an automatic $20 shipping charge will apply to your order. 

Made in India