Project Help Sessions are held on an group basis Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 11am-12pm. The instructor will spend up to 20 minutes with each knitter, as required. Groups are limited to 4 at one time. Masks are encouraged but not required.

We’ve all been there: your project is half-done and you can see the finish line, when suddenly – disaster strikes.  Whether it’s a dropped stitch, a confusing line in a pattern, or a friend to let you know you’re on the right track: we are here to help.

Our help sessions are FREE for knitters who have purchased their materials at the Beehive. If you've purchased your materials from another store, we charge $10 per appointment. Individuals are eligible for one help session per week.

Project Help Sessions are not intended as private lessons or in-depth aid. If your knitting problem is more complex, please inquire about private lessons.

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