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Jewel Box Wrap Kit in Hand Maiden Superkid Silk

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There are no words to describe this wrap other than rich and luxurious. You will feel like royalty, wrapped up in a halo of warmth and decadence. The shine of silk and mohair bring to mind precious stones and dramatic accessories. The wrap is lightweight, but with just enough heft to hold its place around your shoulders. Wear it as a wrap or scrunch it into a cozy scarf!

This fluffy piece is worked using two strands of mohair: 1 base colour is used throughout and subtle stripes are incorporated by changing the second strand. Because of the large needle size and soothing stockinette stitch, this piece will be off your needles in no time!

Kit includes: Jewel Box Wrap pattern, 1 skein of Hand Maiden Superkid Silk (MC) and 4 25 g balls of lace-weight mohair.
Carnelian: MC: 1 x Superkid Silk 'Nutmeg' | CC1: 2 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Claret' | CC2: 1 x Kid-Silk #33-Rust | CC3: 1 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Rust'
Jade: MC: 1 x Superkid Silk 'Peridot' | CC1: 2 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Dusty Aqua' | CC2: 1 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Dusty Artichoke' | CC3: 1 x Kid-Silk #34 Sage Green
Moonstone: MC: 1 x Superkid Silk 'OOAK- Jacobean' | CC1: 2 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Dusty Dove Blue' | CC2: 1 x Kid-Silk #06 Blue Mist | CC3: 1 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Unicorn Purple'
Rose Quartz: MC: 1 x Superkid Silk 'Rose Gold' | CC1: 2 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Flamingo' | CC2: 1 x Tynn Silk Mohair #3511 Powder Pink | CC3: 1 x Tynn Silk Mohair #3553 Dusty Plum Rose
Ruby: MC: 1 x Superkid Silk 'Burgundy' | CC1: 2 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Bordeaux' | CC2: 1 x Kid-Silk #36 Bordeaux | CC3: 1 x Pro Lana Kid Seta #38 Burgundy
Sapphire: MC: 1 x Superkid Silk 'Storm' | CC1: 2 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Dark Blue' | CC2: 1 x Kid-Silk #27 Jeans Blue | CC3: 1 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Deep Petroleum Blue'
Tourmaline: MC: 1 x Superkid Silk 'Tourmaline' | CC1: 2 x Soft Silk Mohair 'Deep Petroleum Blue' | CC2: 1 x Kid-Silk #37 North Sea | CC3: 1 x Tynn Silk Mohair #6564 Petrol

Skills Required: Knit, purl, changing balls, strands held doubled, following a written pattern
Pattern: Included. Jewel Box Wrap by Susan Baldock
Needles and Notions: Purchased Separately.

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